Is the program running again for Summer 2023?

Yes! Please check the website again in January to see what projects are being offered. If you have any further questions, please email us at infectious.disease.reu@gmail.com.


Is previous research experience mandatory?

Applicants need not have extensive research experience prior to applying, but some exposure to scientific methods and concepts is helpful. The most important aspect is motivation and interest in the program and in scientific research related to the population biology of infectious diseases.

My school works on a trimester system and finals don’t end until after the program begins (e.g., June 2nd), can I still apply and begin the program later than the posted start date? 

Yes! You can still apply.  If you are accepted to participate, we may be able to delay your start date to accommodate your exam schedule.  That decision would depend on several factors, including whether the mentor you are paired with can adjust their plans for the summer. 

I will be a rising senior (final year) at the time of my participation, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes! As long as you have not graduated by the time the program starts, and are planning on returning to school in the fall, you are eligible.

I will be a rising sophomore (2nd year) at the time of my participation, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes! Rising sophomores (2nd years) are eligible to apply. 

Do I have to be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to apply? 

Yes, the National Science Foundation REU funds require participants to be US Citizens or permanent residents to receive support. 


Any advice on how to stand out and be a strong candidate for the program? 

The most important aspects of your application are (1) your motivation and interest in the program and in scientific research related to the population biology of infectious diseases; and (2) how participation in the program will help to advance your educational and career goals. Therefore, we recommend you review the available projects closely, then tailor the essay portion of your application accordingly. The essay will be evaluated for the link between this program and relevant life experience, appropriateness of the applicant to the research projects identified above, and intention to continue in scientific research.

In the application, it asked for references. Do I need to submit letters of recommendations? If so, how do I submit them? 

Applicants do not need to submit reference letters directly. Applicants only need to provide the contact information for references i at the time of applying. Once we review applications, we may then reach out to your references for letters of recommendation. We will make sure to reach out to your references with enough time to ensure that they can write a letter of recommendation.  

How many people usually apply each year? 

Our program is highly competitive in the sense that we receive many more applications than we are able to accept (>200). However, what is most important to us is the fit between your interests and the overall goals of the program, and the project you apply to work on. 

Can I apply to multiple REU programs at the University of Georgia? 

Yes, although if accepted to multiple programs, you are only allowed to accept one offer. 

There are more than 12 projects posted, does this mean that you will accept more than 12 students in the program? 

We have projects for a maximum of 8-14 students, depending on the year. Every year there is a matching process for the accepted applicants, and through this, we typically recruit 12 students in total.

Should I expect an email verifying that my application and unofficial transcript was submitted? 

No. You will receive a confirmation message immediately after submitting your application through the website. This will also remind you to submit your transcripts to infectious.disease.reu@gmail.com. If you are concerned about whether your application is complete (application + unofficial transcript), then you can reach out to us and we can inform you. 

Will I receive feedback on my application if I am not selected for the program? 

Due to the high volume of applications we receive (>200), we are unable to give feedback to those that are not selected. Our selection process heavily weighs the essay, which is evaluated for motivation and interest in the program and scientific research related to the population biology of infectious diseases. If you are not selected for this year’s program, we do encourage you to reapply the following summer. 

When will I be notified of application decisions?

Our goal is to inform students by the middle of March if they have been selected to participate.  However, each year there are students that decline, and we then send out another round of invitations by the end of March.  Sometimes this process can take several weeks.  Once all program spots have been filled, we will send out an email to all students that were not invited this year letting them know that the selection process is complete. 

I received an acceptance letter from another program and need to inform them of my decision by early March. I have still not heard back from PopBio. What should I do?

We received many applications this year and our overall acceptance rate will be low.  We expect the first round of decisions for our program to go out between March 14-18. There is a small chance we could get through all of the applications before then, but we cannot make any promises. We would hate for you to miss out on a research opportunity this summer, so would encourage you to accept other offers.


Did the program dates change?

The 2023 program will now occur from Tuesday May 30th (move-in) to Saturday July 29th. (move-out)

Is food covered by the program? Do participants get a food stipend or eat at a dining hall on campus? 

Last summer students were provided with a dining service plan at UGA which they were very happy with.  In years prior, we offered students a weekly meal allowance to purchase their own food.  We are still finalizing our plans for summer 2022, but will likely go with the dining services plan.

Do we have access to UGA’s recreational facility/gym? 

If you are interested in using our recreational facility (Ramsey Center), memberships are available for $30 for a single month commitment or $25 per month for a multi month commitment.

Is parking available for participants?

Yes, we provide students with parking passes if they are going to be using their car on campus during the summer. 

What type of lodging is provided?

Students stay in UGA campus dormitories, walking distance to campus dining halls, research labs and downtown Athens, and near UGA bus routes. A limited number of single rooms are available. The program can provide linens and dinnerware for students on request.

Will I receive a tax document from UGA? 

Since you are not a UGA employee, you will not receive a W-2 and 1099s are not sent to stipend recipients. We are not qualified to answer any questions related to taxes, nor can we provide assistance completing W-4 and G-4 forms for payroll. We do not want to give you any incorrect information, therefore, you should address all tax questions to a certified public accountant or contact the IRS.