***The application for the Summer 2021 program is now closed.   For questions or concerns please contact us at the email address below**

Available projects.  Descriptions of projects available for the Summer of 2021 are available here (note that there is a second page with more options that you need to access by clicking on “older posts” at the bottom of the page). You will be asked to choose your top three projects for the application – please read the descriptions carefully.

Projects are categorized into three different types:
Quantitative.  These projects are computer-based and involve activities such as modeling and analysis of data collected from online sources or previously collected in the host lab.
Empirical.  These projects will mainly involve data collection from either laboratory-based or field-based projects.
Combination of Empirical (lab- or field-based) and Quantitative (computer-based) projects.

Note that these are general descriptions, and the actual project done by a student may differ from these descriptions after discussions between students and mentors.

For examples of actual projects done by students in our program in previous years, click on one of the years in the menu at the bottom of the page.

Eligibility. To participate in the Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Site @ UGA, you must be planning to return to an undergraduate degree program in the subsequent fall. Particularly, you must not have graduated or expect to graduate in the year of the program. Additionally, you must be a US citizen or permanent resident.

Applications by students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and / or majoring in biology, computer science, ecology, mathematics, and statistics are especially encouraged.

Application instructions. To apply to the Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Site @ UGA:

    • Complete the application form below.
    • Arrange to have two letters of recommendation emailed to The applicant’s name (your name) should be indicated in the subject line of the email.  The letter writer will not receive an email from us, and should submit their recommendation via email directly to the email above.
    • Submit your most recent undergraduate transcript (unofficial copy okay) to, with your name in the subject line.

**Please note: If you have submitted an application to another REU Site using the NSF Common Application, we will not have access to that application.  For your application to Population Biology of Infectious Diseases site to be complete, all transcripts and letters of recommendation will need to be submitted directly to us at the email address above.